E.G.R was born as the desire of his founder EDOARDO G. RISTORI, that decided to give form to his dream: to create an high level tailoring for true connoisseurs inspired by a natural lived-in elegance and timeless style. 

Having started his professional life as a lawyer, he changed his carrier path to pursue his passion for menswear, working with Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Boglioli, Roda, Harvey Nichols and Beymen, before founding his own label in 2011. 

The project started from the desire of elaborating abstract ideas such elegance, flair, sophistication and timeless live-in style and to transform them into sketches, drawings able to put all those values on a tangible support: from paper to the garment expressly created for the client.

The team work is made of truly passionate artisans, with great skills and experience, which share together the same passion for culture, style and authenticity.

E.G.R offers to its prestigious international clientele not only a collection of timeless pieces but an immersion into a unique and authentic niche experience, made of culture, style and lived-in elegance.




At the age of eight Edoardo starts traveling with his dad, architect and interior designer, passionate connoisseur, and he joins him in his trips around the world, visiting textiles factories, art galleries, museums, antique shops and the most varied auctions of vintage furnitures, clothing, painting and jewelry.

That innate passion for live-in and timeless pieces made Edoardo unconsciously create his own vision of style, while intrigued observing and playing with fabrics, patterns, accessories and vintage clothes.

During the high school and university years, beside the studies, his grown passion allows him to increase his knowledge working with some of the most iconic and timeless clothing stores in Italy and in the UK.

Years and several experiences later, after moving to Istanbul, he takes the chance to follow his dream: he brings a couple of cuts of wool solaro, weathered mesh cotton and chambray to a tailor and a shirtmaker in Torino and ask them to make a jacket and a shirt following his design.