EGR ARCHIVIO is a new destination written in a fascinating travelling story, defined by precise places and moments, whose spirit is guarded inside its accompanying suitcase, intimately full of authentic intimacy of the past, the present and the future. 

It is a new experience which starts and progresses alongside the original journey, sharing the same indissoluble starting point: the EGR label.

The story starts in 2011, with its beginning in Torino and already aiming at reaching faraway horizons, when Edoardo G. Ristori not only marks down the world map with his first destination but he creates the path which will lead him shortly to his first important achievement: the creation of EGR SARTORIA with its first showroom in Istanbul.
An exclusive location, here the client allows to be inspired by his designer, a passionate connoisseur and a profound expert of the world of menswear, who creates high quality tailoring products made to measure.
Totally bespoke, a versatile product made in Italy, always conceived for the first time.
Its progress, from the beginning, is unique: spontaneous elegance of a timeless style.

Ten years down the line, with goals achieved and stimulating experiences abroad, EGR decided to start an adventurous new journey, alongside the existing one.
Aiming at surpassing new boundaries and creating new contacts along the way with its new exciting baggage, EGR ARCHIVIO IS now available everywhere JUST A CLICK AWAY.
Edoardo G. Ristori
Having started his professional life as a lawyer, he changed his carrier path to pursue his passion for menswear, working among others with Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Boglioli, Roda, Harvey Nichols and Beymen, before founding E.G.R label in 2011. 
At the age of eight Edoardo starts traveling with his dad, architect and interior designer, passionate connoisseur, and he joins him in his trips around the world, visiting textiles factories, art galleries, museums, antique shops and the most varied auctions of vintage furniture, clothing, painting and jewelry.
That innate passion for lived-in and timeless pieces made Edoardo unconsciously create his own vision of style, while intrigued observing and playing with fabrics, patterns, accessories and vintage clothes.
Years and several experiences later, after having moved to Istanbul, he takes the chance to follow his dream: he brings a couple of cuts of vintage solaro wool, a weathered mesh cotton and a piece of chambray to a tailor and a shirtmaker in Torino and ask them to make a jacket and a shirt following his design.